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Commercial Laser Machines:

Commercial laser machinery from World Lasers, Inc. – serves a variety of purposes. Read the descriptions below and select the laser use that meets your needs.


CNC Laser-Router Table Machines CNC Laser-Router Table Machines

LaserReady CNC Laser-Router Table Machines represent a whole new concept in CNC Routers and Lasers – providing the best of both technologies at a single low price. No more need to purchase two machines to perform routing and laser tasks. Is floor space an issue? Is the cost of a laser machine alone with a large work area price-prohibitive? With the LaserReady CNC Laser-Router Table Machine, you can have both.

Do you ever want to laser-cut a part and route it? Did you have to do it as a secondary operation? These two technologies will work together simultaneously. It’s simple and automatic. 

The LaserReady CNC Router has been proven in over 12,000 installations worldwide, addressing a wide range of applications (e.g. cutting, inspecting, automated dispensing, reverse engineering, etc.) on a wide variety of surfaces (woods, metals, plastics, MDF and more).

CNC Laser Table Machines CNC Laser Table Machines

LaserReady  Commercial CNC laser-cutting and laser-engraving systems are the right answer when working with sheet material up to 4’ x 8’ and larger. Not only can they laser cut an endless array of materials, these versatile machines can laser-engrave as well, placing them among the largest sized of all laser engraving equipment available today. 

The machine’s broad bed-size enables them to line up a large number of materials for laser cutting. This is a true CNC laser, able to take CNC machine commands. But it is also a laser-engraving (or etching) machine, able to perform quality 3D laser-engraving jobs. And a laser-marking device too, which makes it easy to understand how this breakthrough product will be more than an addition to your business; it will also be a valuable addition to your profits!

CNC Software and Services CNC Software and Services

LaserReady software can provide you with artistic CAM software that enables you to perform many CAD/CAM software functions, easily and quickly, practically out of the box. Please note that this software is available for both the CNC router and CNC laser.

This CAD/CAM CNC software can be combined with 3D scanning. And while 3D scanning requires a 3D laser scanner (available as an option for the tables), 3D scanning is an investment that enables your design software process to go quicker and more efficiently. 3D laser scanning is an investment for those that can benefit from this high technology.

Training is most important when considering your purchase of a laser machine. Depending on the type and frequency of your applications, World Lasers can provide specific or general CAD/CAM training.

Material and Applications Material and Applications

Whether cutting, engraving, marking or any of the many other processes that lasers perform consistently, accurately and efficiently – whether working on acrylic or tungsten/molybdenum wire, on cell phone keypads or stone, or on thin metals or wood veneer, laser machines can help you grow your business or grow your profits…or both!

Proven in use worldwide in engraving awards, marking medical components,  making signs, or putting finishing touches on furniture, laser machines are ready to be a working partner in your business. .


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