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Industrial Laser-Cutting Products and Services:

  LaserReady Laser Machines


Meet any laser demand for non-metal processing with one of our eight distinctly different models – standard laser products that cut and mark rolled and flat goods, from textile, woven and non-woven fabrics to plastic film, gasket material, filter material and rigid material…practically any non-metal material.


The laser cutting machinery is designed as an industrial laser system. The laser cutting machine is able to hold up to rugged industrial laser use, and as laser cutting equipment made to withstand tough industrial settings, and you can be assured that this CO2 laser can perform your laser cutting day in and day out. The laser cutting can be combined with roll-handling equipment to laser cut text textiles. As a fabric cutting laser machine, the laser cutting system can laser cut, and with synthetic materials, often laser cut and laser seal edges, giving you high quality laser cut materials. Laser cutting sheet materials is an excellent laser machine application, because the laser cut works well with the sheet handling system included in the laser machine.

Below are specifications on each laser machine. It is important to consider your laser cut speed and laser cut throughput when choosing your CO2 laser size. The CO2 laser sizes range significantly, and it is best to have your material laser cut prior to choosing the laser power desired. Industrial laser machines vary slightly for different laser applications, so be sure to inquire regarding your specific laser cutting use.

Standard Laser Cutting Machines

Industrial laser cutting/marking systems from World Lasers, Inc. - for both rolled and flat goods - can be used to laser-cut and laser-mark rolled goods, including but not limited to: textile, woven, non-woven, fabric, plastic film, gasket material, filter material and rigid material that is non-metal.

Industrial-grade laser machinery is available in continuous conveyor feed, shuttle feed and modular flat-bed with add-on conveyor or shuttle.

Proprietary controlling software allows the speed of the cutting head and power of the laser light to be precisely modulated, enabling you to cut, kiss-cut or mark the material, move the finished piece out and move the next piece into the processing area.


Shuttle Feed Laser Machine

Shuttle Feed Laser (SFL)

Independent shuttles keep your laser cutting without stopping or worrying about miss-registration. Less than 6 second cycle time and less than .002" repeatability on tables.
The SFL can also cut from roll stock.

> Download SFL Product brochure / > See computer rendering of SFL in operation
> See SFL machine movement with laser cutting
World Lasers is an authorized distributor of EdgeWiseTools manufactured laser machinery. Photo copyright 2004 EdgeWiseTools, Inc.

Continuous Feed Laser Machine 

Continuous Feed Laser (CFL)

Continuous feed cutting provides the ability to cut shapes from a continuous roll of material. Virtually any length file can be cut. Our conveyorized cutting system essentially eliminates material waste typically encountered in traditional laser cutting systems.

> Download CFL Product brochure
World Lasers is an authorized distributor of EdgeWiseTools manufactured laser machinery. Photo copyright 2004 EdgeWiseTools, Inc.

Flat Bed Laser Machine 

Flat Bed Laser (FBL)

This is the foundation for the SFL and CFL. It gives the customer a traditional X,Y cutting table that is Class 1 safe. (Read about Laser Safety ratings under
Lasers-- Why & Why).

> Download FBL Product brochure / > See laser cutting video
World Lasers is an authorized distributor of EdgeWiseTools manufactured laser machinery. Photo copyright 2004 EdgeWiseTools, Inc.

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Features and Benefits

¦ Computer Controlled Air Assist

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Laser Cutting Machines

Laser Cutting Machines

Laser Cutting Machines

Laser Cutting Machines

¦ Computer Controlled Laser Power Regulation
¦ Red Laser Pointer
¦ Dual Head Option
¦ Beam Expander ensures precision and repeatable cutting across entire work surface
¦ PC Windows & CAD Interface
¦ Vector Operations for cutting
¦ Customized Product
¦ Advanced Optics
¦ Rugged Welded Frame
¦ Twin Shuttle Tables
¦ Laser driver allows 16 speed, acceleration and power settings per job
¦ Systems designed and assembled in-house to ensure consistent quality
¦ All systems are framed with no less than 2" welded box steel, which can be filled with sand if greater rigidity is required.

¦ The motors are large industrial servos with 1000 line encoders. Dual motors are used on the Y-axis for greater reliability and torque.

¦ The optical surface area of an system is typically 5 times greater than that of other systems, resulting in capturing more laser power for production use.


Shuttle Feed Laser Specifications

¦ Size - cutting area 50” x 50” or 50" x 60" (Custom sizes available)

¦ Dimensions
- 7’ x 15’

¦ Laser Type -

¦ Laser Power -
10 watt to 400 watt (Customer Specified)

¦ Lens-
5 in. FL

¦ Lens Focus - Linear Slide, measure position to .001”

¦ Motors - X axis - 1 Servo, Y axis - 2 Servos

¦ Tables
- < 6 second cycle time, 2 Servos

¦ Speed -
up to 40 ips

¦ Acceleration -
up to 1.2g

¦ Repeatability -
< .0015”

¦ Accuracy
- +/- .004"

Patents -
Laser power control, Computer controlled gas assist

Software -
Interface to common CAD and Graphic packages

Cutting Format -

Laser Control–
Laser Assist software. 220 laser power settings, Laser On speed, Laser Off speed, Acceleration. 16 group setting per drawing.



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