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 Laser Systems for Specific Manufacturing Requirements:

One size fits all doesn’t work well in a volatile business environment that needs to be responsive to the needs of its customers worldwide. 

World Lasers understands that and so offers a practical approach in tailored laser systems.

LaserReady |BX series of tailored systems is World Lasers response to your need for a unique system for your manufacturing requirement, but without the cost traditionally associated with the word “custom.”

By integrating proven subsystems from proven manufacturers, always with an eye to the return on your return, and supporting that customer-centric objective with world-class project management resources, World Lasers has been able to deliver on-target system at off-the-shelf prices and reliability!

World Lasers, Inc. is ready to provide you with any services that you require in order to develop and deliver a laser processing machine that meets your needs. World Lasers has full-service capability, including pre-machine sale services such as prototype laser cutting services, return-on-investment analysis with professional documentation that you can present to your company, short-production run laser processing, and laser machinery prototype construction and testing, and specification composition.

After the machine design is established, the World Lasers team of experienced and successful companies will provide their components and subassemblies, under World Lasers Project Management. Below is a description of our supplier-team members and their resources. And, keep in mind that all custom machinery comes with a one-year parts and service warranty.

Custom built laser machinery can fit a variety of laser processing needs, including custom laser cutting, laser perforating, laser marking, laser welding plastics or laser welding non-metals. These CO2 laser systems are equipped as you specify. The CO2 cutting laser can be a wide range of laser configurations for optimal laser cutting with laser beam delivery. The laser marking device pictured below can be a good distance from the material surface and direct the laser beam over a wide area. Custom laser engraving is possible with this laser scanning optic. A custom laser can have a laser focusing optic that can immediately be above the material for laser cutting or laser perforating and the laser machine can direct the focusing optic across the material width. These industrial laser cutters can range in design depending upon the laser processing needs and the material handling needs. Often, the customer participates in the design specification phase. The laser machine major components typically include the CO2 laser, laser beam delivery, material handling and controls. Laser machine's complexity, simplicity and customer budget are balanced to arrive at an affordable, cost-effective laser cutting machine.

| SR

CO2 laser 

¦ CO 2 Lasers


There are now over 65,000 Synrad lasers in use throughout the world. With output powers from 10 to 400W, and proven operating lifetimes in excess of 45,000 hours, Synrad 48- & evolution series CO 2 lasers have made Synrad the world's leading industrial laser supplier.

Synrad’s latest
firestar technologies extend its product range, offering users a choice of faster rise times, higher beam quality and more compact designs – expanding existing applications and creating new opportunities for Synrad's CO 2 laser technology.

To facilitate the implementation of laser technology into production processes, Synrad also offer a wide range of accessories, including beam delivery components, focusing assemblies and lenses, Power Wizard™ hand-held laser power meters, laser controllers, galvo-based laser marking heads and WinMark Pro™ laser marking software.

| SL

Galvo Laser 

¦ Galvo scanners


SCANLAB AG, Germany, is the worldwide leading and independent OEM-manufacturer of scan solutions for the deflection and positioning of laser beams in three dimensions.

Their high-performance galvanometer scanners, scan heads and scan systems are used worldwide for industrial laser materials processing, as well as in medical and biomedical technology.

SCANLAB products turn lasers into highly dynamic and flexible tools for materials processing. This is achieved via moving mirrors and optical elements that quickly, precisely and reliably position laser beams in three dimensions.

The company’s highly qualified team has accumulated years of expertise based on over 20,000 scan solutions installed worldwide. With this solid basis, SCANLAB has become the international leader in its market.

| HL

Laser Optics 

¦ Focusing Optics

Haas Laser Technology

Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures custom laser beam delivery components for all facets of laser applications at its new facility in Flanders , New Jersey . The company is recognized as an innovator and technology leader, providing one of the largest selections of laser beam delivery components available worldwide.

Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. was established by Gilbert Haas in 1992. Mr. Haas founded the corporation with the mission to "Produce laser beam delivery components that define industry standards which conform to high standards of innovation, reliability and quality." The development of a proven, modular concept product line was then under way.

Today, Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. has an experienced engineering design staff, advanced manufacturing group and complete state-of-the-art machine shop to assist their customers.

| WI

Slitter Rewinder 

¦ Roll-Handling Machinery

Wagner Industries

Wagner Industries was founded in 1985 to design and manufacture converting machinery, electronic controls and equipment for the web-handling industry. To date, over 800 machines have been designed and built for companies in a score of countries worldwide.

Numerous firms have utilized Wagner’s expertise in rebuilding or modifying existing equipment, using its electronics and mechanical modifications to improve performance, line speed and accuracy.

Equipment produced by Wagner Industries has been installed in a score of their customer list includes such firms as: Hewlett Packard, Eastman-Kodak, General Motors, Kraft Foods-Oscar Mayer, Johnson & Johnson, Avery Tape & Label, Owens-Illinois-Fiberglass Division, Fiberglass Canada, Chris-Craft Industries, Boeing Aircraft, Sharp/Ivers-Lee, M&M/Mars, E.R. Squibb, and Duracell.

| TI

Table Laser Cutters 

¦ Table Cutters

Techno, Inc

Techno, Inc. has been in the CNC technology business for nearly two decades and has over 12,000 CNC router installations worldwide.

Techno machines are used for a range of applications (e.g. CNC cutting, inspection, automated dispensing, reverse engineering, etc.) on a wide variety of surfaces (woods, metals, plastics, MDF and more).

At its 55,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in New Hyde Park, NY, the company designs and builds its own line of servo CNC machines, servo electronics and CNC software. Superior quality, innovative designs and experience have enables the company to provide one of the lowest-cost, highest-value CNC machines in the market.

All CNC routers, accessories, lathes and software come with a Techno warranty and ongoing, knowledgeable customer support.




| Robotics
FANUC Robotics

FANUC Robotics has over 150,000 industrial robots installed worldwide.

FANUC robots are used for a number of different applications including material removal, material handling, painting and assembly.

FANUC Robotics American main training facility resides within World Headquarters in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Their faculty trains over 4500 students per year. The staff of over 25 professional technical trainers, with the assistance of instructional designers, technical writers and computer based training designers, are ready to support all FANUC Robotics customers' training needs.

The state of the art training facilities include eight classrooms, 22,000 square feet of training laboratory, over 45 robots to ensure maximum hands-on training opportunity. Training can also be executed in most regional offices including Cincinnati and Holland, Ohio; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois and Lake Forest, California.


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